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In this video, I will quickly show you what you can do with Managenable® risk template software (Risk Template in Excel).

You can automatically create and update beautiful risk matrices, or heat maps, including with striking bubble overlays.


And you can modify the design of these risk heat maps, by simply selecting items in drop down lists. It’s easy. Absolutely no programming skills is required.


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You can instantly create charts which are ready to copy and paste in your reports. Actually, there are more than 640 charts always visible for you to gain graphical insights on different aspects of your risk register.


You can even automatically draw risk interaction maps which show connections and influences between risks.


And you can choose between 72 different types of information to include on those maps.


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You can create very comprehensive reports for multiple risks, with some statistics and lists of risks involved.


Of course you can filter your data before creating your risk matrices, charts, and reports.


You can select up to 10 concurrent filters, each one of them selected from 200 options available.


And you can record up to 100 such combinations of filters, for later use.


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If you need to create a most comprehensive report, but for a single risk. Well, no problem. You can do that too, with one click.


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The core risk register is split in different parts, all of which are easy to use, color coded, and even include very effective automated analysis to save you lots of time and unnecessary worries.


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It is preconfigured for managing 1000 risks.


Of course, you can tailor everything to your needs, by using dedicated tabs, and simply filling-up cells, or selecting items in drop-down lists.


There are more than 30 custom lists of 100 items each¸ that you can use to customize all aspects of your registers.


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In fact, the risk register is extended in modules, for managing Risk Treatments, Controls, Key Risk Indicators, Risk Interactions, and there are even registers and custom lists for Objectives, Structures and People. You can show or hide the modules you want, and you can manage some aspects of the application behaviour too.


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Wait, it goes even further.

You can check the overall status of the risk application in a single place where you can monitor current data usage, and even what record may be incomplete.


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And all this is readily accessible from the Home tab, the clear and simple hub towards all your data, risk matrices, charts, and reports.

Yes, you navigate in the risk workbook by using hyperlinks. There are more than 2100 of them throughout the application.


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This amazing risk management tool, has nearly 60 integrated worksheets, more than 380 simple VBA procedures, about 9400 lines of code, with an additional 7400 comment lines in this code, and more than half a million formulas.

Risk Template in Excel with 380 VBA Procedures

VBA: 380 Procedures

Risk Template in Excel with 9400 Lines Of VBA Code

VBA: 9400 Lines Of Code

Risk Template in Excel with 7400 VBA Comment Lines

VBA: 7400 Comment Lines


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Yet, it is blazing fast, constantly keeping all calculations up-to-date.

Blazing Fast Risk Template in Excel

Blazing Fast


Download the Risk Template


And you can access, and change, everything you want, including all formulas and VBA programming.

Can Change Everything in the VBA of this Risk Template in Excel

VBA: Can Change Everything


You can add your own worksheets too, and further extend what you may do with this risk template software.

You Can Add Your Own Worksheets in this Risk Template in Excel

You Can Add Your Own Worksheets


Risk Managenable® is an application you can download exclusively from our website.


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Download the Risk Template in Excel

Download the Risk Template