Risk Template in Excel Training Topics


Risk Template in Excel Training Topics


Risk Template in Excel • Preliminary Setup Required • CRITICAL

Preliminary Setup Required

Risk Template in Excel • Getting Started • IMPORTANT

Getting Started: What You Must Know First
Getting Started: How To Setup The Workbook
Getting Started: Where To Start Entering Data

Risk Template in Excel • Sample Files for Download

Sample File: Random 123 (only available to those who buy a license)
Sample File: Worldwide Cooperation

Risk Template in Excel • Options Available

Overview: Options Tab
Options: Modules Management
Options: Manage Inherent Risk Assessments
Options: Manage Rows When Activating Tabs
Options: Manage New Risk Status In Registers
Options: Manage Calculations In Dependent Tabs
Options: Manage Paste Values Only
Options: Manage Window Activation
Options: Manage Protection

Risk Template in Excel • Features Common to Several Tabs

Overview: Custom Lists Tabs
Common Features: Top Left Corner Of Tabs
Common Features: Validity Status In Register Tabs
Common Features: Use Info In This Tab
Common Features: How To Use Data Filters
Common Features: Links Between Charts And Preset Report

Risk Template in Excel • Navigation Hub and Overall Status

Overview: Home Tab
Home Tab: Upper Part
Home Tab: Middle Part
Home Tab: Lower Part
Overview: Status Tab

Risk Template in Excel • What is At Risk and People Involved

Overview: Objective Register Tab
Objective Register: Criteria Levels To Use
Objective Register: Quantitative Value
Overview: Structure Register Tab
Overview: People Register Tab

Risk Template in Excel • Core Risk Management

Overview: Risk Register Tab
Overview: Risk Criteria Tab
Overview: Risk Appetite Tab

Risk Template in Excel • Extended Risk Management

Overview: Treatment Register Tab
Overview: Control Register Tab
Overview: KRI Register Tab
Overview: Interaction Register Tab
Overview: Interaction Analysis Tab

Risk Template in Excel • Reporting

Overview: Preset Report Tab
Overview: ID Report Tab
Overview: Risk Matrix Tab
Overview: Interaction Maps Tab
Overview: Charts Tabs
Charts: Group of Charts
Charts: How to Copy and Paste

Risk Template in Excel • Customization

Overview: Parameters Tabs
Overview: Risk Matrix Settings Tab
Risk Matrix Settings: Change Colors
Risk Matrix Settings: Change Risk Zones
Overview: Charts Preparation Tabs

Risk Template in Excel • Under the Hood

Overview: Presets Tab
Overview: Filters Tab
Overview: Dynamic Lists Tab
Overview: Calculations Tabs
Overview: Data Ranges Tab


Risk Template in Excel Additional Training

Risk Template Training Hub
Risk Template Training per Worksheet


Download the Risk Template in Excel

Download the Risk Template