About Managenable


Managenable® is a trademark registered in 2010 by Jacques Bernizan MBA GradDipCouns to share his simple, easy and effective tools and methodologies for organization management and personal development.

The goal is to enable and enhance people’s inherent ability to manage their life and organizations successfully, for their own greatest benefits as well as everyone else and the planet.

Jacques holds several certifications (i.e. CRMA CCSA CRISC CISA ABCP ICS200 BEM) and has 25 years of professional experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds in a wide range of organizations.

He has lived and worked on several continents and many countries.
This high international exposure equipped him with a practical understanding of the richness of the organization management and personal development fields, with their diversity and importance in today’s world.

Since 2001, Jacques has applied his leadership abilities to helping people and organizations manage uncertainty, a practice commonly referred to as risk management.

Jacques is known for his enthusiasm, team spirit, and dedication for delivering value. His full professional profile is available on LinkedIn.

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Legal Notice: Managenable® is a registered trademark of Jacques Bernizan.